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The methodology of EcoTransIT World is continuously improved by ifeu Heidelberg, INFRAS Bern and IVE mbH Hannover and adapted to latest scientific findings and further reaching requirements (e. g. EN 16258). Details of methodology applied are described in a comprehensive background report.
EcoTransIT World methodology report

Scientific basis

The quality of emission calculations of transport chains highly depends on the methodology and the emission factors applied. For both EcoTransIT World uses the support of scientific institutes of high international reputation:

The Institute for Energy and Environmental Research (ifeu) Heidelberg and INFRAS Bern as scientific partners of EcoTransIT World have been working on the development of methodologies of emission calculation in transportation for years. Ifeu developed the “TREMOD - Transport Emission Model", which is the basis of German emissions and climate protection reporting.

INFRAS (together with international partners) has developed and continuously improves since 1995 the “Handbook on Emission Factors for Road Transport (HBEFA)”, which acts as core emission data base in Europe. Both institutes have been and still are actively involved in global standardization processes (e. g. EN 16258, ISO 14067). So EcoTransIT World is based on methodologies and emission factors, which are internationally accepted and adapted to latest scientific findings.

Emission calculations require knowing the distances of the shipments. Here IVE mbH Hannover has developed the methodological basis in order to create an automatic routing and distance calculation by truck, railway, ship and plane in EcoTransIT on a global scale. The transport networks used are continuously updated. Furthermore IVE mbH is in charge of the development and technical implementation of the EcoTransIT World software and business solutions.

Download Background Report here (Update 4.5.2018): Short Version | Detailed Version

Enviromental impacts
Ecological impacts
Freight transport impacts the environment in different ways. To generate a balanced analysis, EcoTransIT World includes the basic parameters energy consumption, carbon dioxide, greenhouse gases...
participating institutions
Participating Institutions
EcoTransIT® World is controlled by the EcoTransIT® World Initiative (EWI). The technical implementation is done by the consulting company IVE mbH in Hanover, whereas the Institute for Environmental Research ifeu Heidelberg and the INFRAS...