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EcoTransIT® World is controlled by the EcoTransIT® World Initiative (EWI). The technical implementation is done by the consulting company IVE mbH in Hanover, whereas the Institute for Environmental Research ifeu Heidelberg and the INFRAS (Bern, Switzerland) are responsible for the computation methodology and the emission factors.

Scientific Support

IVE- Consulting Company for Traffic and Railway Engineering GmbH, Hannover

IVE mbH (Consulting Company for Traffic and Railway Engineering), is a consulting and software development enterprise.

Fields of activity:

  • Consulting about passenger and freight transport services, vehicle employment concepts and route management,
  • Development and marketing of simulation -, arrangement and routing systems and their application in the context of own consultant activities as well as
  • Commitment in research projects.

In the scope of consulting IVE mbH accomplishes a multiplicity of national and international projects. Based on the transport and railway expertise, IVE mbH derives concepts and future-oriented sustainable solutions responding to the problems of their clients. Marketing strategies as well as transport planning are the main focus of the consulting and research projects.

IVE mbH Hannover has developed the methodical base in order to create an automatic routing and distance calculation in EcoTransIT® World by any mode of transport on a global scale. The transport networks used are continuously updated. IVE mbH is the contact for the development and technical implementation of the EcoTransIT World software. (www.ivembh.de)


IFEU, the Institute for Energy and Environmental Research, was founded in 1978. Since then IFEU has established itself as an independent centre of excellence for environmental research. Its expertise covers areas like environmental implications of transport, energy supply and renewable energy sources, life cycle assessment, air pollution control, sustainable development, environmental impact assessment and environmental management.

The basic methodology for the environmental calculations was developed for EcoTransIT by IFEU in cooperation with the participating railway companies. IFEU also compiles and regularly updates the environmental input data.



INFRAS is a research and consulting group with a track record of over 35 years providing services in the fields of societal, economic, and environmental issues for business and public sector decision makers. INFRAS situated in in Switzerland with offices in Zürich and Bern is an independent, private enterprise, owned wholly by management and a staff of many years’ standing.

Main focus of the transport and environment section of INFRAS is the development of concepts and strategies for sustainable mobility at national and international level. INFRAS has been substantially involved in the development of the “Handbook on Emission Factors for Road Transport (HBEFA)” and the European standard EN 16258 “Methodology for calculation and declaration of energy consumption and GHG emissions of transport services”.

INFRAS is responsible for methodological issues of EcoTransIT-World concerning the environmental calculation of freight transported by aircrafts, maritime and inland vessels.

Scientific support
The methodology of EcoTransIT World is continuously improved by ifeu Heidelberg, INFRAS Bern and IVE mbH Hannover and adapted to latest scientific findings...
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