Understand your environmental impacts
to create sustainable logistics
The EcoTransIT World (ETW) Business Solutions support logistics service providers, shippers and carriers to calculate their carbon footprint and environmental impact. EcoTransIT World (ETW) Business Solutions are compliant with legal requirements like EN 16258.

Business Solutions

The use of the standard online application EcoTransIT® World on www.ecotransit.org is free of charge if being applied for single shipments without further customizing. In this case, please, respect the copyright of ETW and mark the author.

Customized interfaces to implement Business Solutions

Business solutions of EcoTransIT World

For professional users, ETW offers dedicated services that allow companies to calculate large numbers of shipments at once without manual handling efforts. It provides a customized interface based on individual customer’s operational data and answering its needs and requirements. Thus, with ETW Business Solutions the corporate data warehouse can be filled with all information required to realize specific environmental reports, regional inventories, establish carbon reporting or provide carbon accounting benchmarks efficiently.

The following graph presents different interfaces already available to use the ETW Business Solutions. They will be adapted according to the customer’s requirements and implemented individually. Other IT solutions than shown may be developed on demand.

Current fees

(valid to December 31, 2018)

User license

The business solutions of ETW allows to request EcoTransIT as a Software as a Service (SaaS). This includes any kind of interface type.

The usage license allows the customer to use any kind of ETW business solutions within its company and 100% daughter companies.

Annual Company

< 150M €
> 150M to 500M €
> 500M to 1B €
> 1 B to 10B €
> 10B €

   Annual fee

6,500 € *
8,000 € *
9,500 € *
12,000 € *
15,000 € *

* The annual fee guarantees a standard level of server performance and does not limit the number of calculations. In case a higher level of server performance is needed, the fee will be adopted on an individual basis according to objective criteria. For those who sign the contract before 31th December 2016 the rates will not change before the end of 2018.

Users of the ETW Business solution

Asia Shipping, Brazil
Beiersdorf, Germany
Bolloré, France
ColliCare Logistics, Netherlands
Dachser, Germany
DB Schenker, Germany
DHL, Germany
Eaternity, Switzerland
Ferrari Group, United Kingdom
FM Logistics, France
Gebrüder Weiss, Austria
Gefco, France
Geodis, France
Greencarrier, Sweden
Group7, Germany
Hamburg Süd, Germany
Hapag-Lloyd, Germany
Henkel, Germany
Hupac, Switzerland
JAS Forwarding, USA
JF Hillebrand, Germany
Kühne+Nagel, Germany
Lineas, Belgien
Marquard & Bahls, Germany
Naviland, France
Austrian Railways (ÖBB), Austria
OIA Global, USA
Panalpina, Switzerland
Posti, Finland
Rhenus, Germany
SAT Albatros, Germany
Savino Del Bene, Italy
SBB, Switzerland
Scanlog, Sweden
SNCF, France
System Alliance, Germany
System Alliance Europe (SAE), Germany
Mercitalia Rail, Italy
International Union of Railways (UIC), France
Wim Bosman, Netherlands
Zufall Logistics Group, Germany

EWI membership (optional)

Companies may become a member of the EcoTransIT World Initiative (EWI). Members can take influence on the further development of ETW and its continuous improvement. Members can also initiate or join EWI work groups. A member has to fulfil the following requirements:

- Active user license of ETW
- Signature of the governance rules
- Active engaged role within the EWI (attending the web and physical meetings)


For further information do not hesitate to contact us:

Ingenieurgesellschaft für Verkehrs- und Eisenbahnwesen mbH
Consulting Company for Traffic and Railway Engineering Ltd.
Lützerodestr. 10, 30161 Hannover, Germany
Phone: +49/511/897668-18 or +49/511/897668-10
Fax: +49/511/897668-29
E-Mail: info@ecotransit.org

Cooperation Partners

EcoTransIT World has serveral local partners who promote, use, enrich and support EcoTransIT World.


Scope 3 was born out of the growing acceptance that change is required in the way we transport goods, in order to counter the rapidly mounting effects of climate change. Our goal is to help businesses understand their logistics emissions, so together, we can make a positive change to our world.
The global marketplace has seen a dramatic shift in how countries, industries and businesses prioritise emissions reporting and sustainability. But until now the technology had not been available to get the standardised level of detail required to make decisions with impact.

System Alliance Europe

System Alliance Europe is a cooperation of leading, medium-sized freight forwarders. The European transportation and logistics network stands for groundbreaking and innovative competence in the logistics industry. The groupage freight network defines itself through intelligent processes, dependency and its level of performance. Since its foundation in 2005, the cooperation has expanded consistently. At the moment, the network consists of 61 highly efficient partners with 201 branches across 32 European countries.

Scientific support
The methodology of EcoTransIT World is continuously improved by ifeu Heidelberg, INFRAS Bern and IVE mbH Hannover and adapted to latest scientific findings...
About EcoTransit
About EcoTransit
EcoTransIT World calculates environmental impacts of different transport modes the world. This is possible due to an intelligent input methodology, large amounts of GIS-data and an elaborate basis of computation...