4th EWI Stakeholder Workshop 18th Nov Gothenburg

On the 18th of November of 2015 the EcoTransIT Initiative invited to its 4th EcoTransIT World stakeholder workshop at Gothenburg in Sweden.

About 40 participants from all parts of the sector – logistics companies, shippers, forwarders, air, ocean and land carriers, scientific and non-governmental organisations – attended the conference. Beside the presentation of the EcoTransIT World Initiative and its broadly used emission calculator EcoTransIT World, experts of different organizations discussed current industry driven initiatives such as GLEC (Global Logistics Emission Council) or CCWG (Clean Cargo Working Group) and the need of a harmonized calculation model.

Among the speakers Alan McKinnon (Kuehne University) and Rachel Muncrief (Climate and Clean Air Coalition) gave an overview of developments in the transport industry which aim at emission reduction and significant contributions to climate protection.

The afternoon break-out sessions allowed in-depth discussions on emission methodologies and tool requirements. The workshop participants, subject matter experts from the transport and environmental industry, created a lively atmosphere with interesting talks and contributions.

PDF: Agenda of the workshop.

Speakers’ Presentations:

Keynote speaks
Ralph Anthes: EcoTransIT World Initiative introduction
Dr. Alan Lewis: Global harmonization of emission calculation
Rachel Muncrief: The Global Green Freight Action Plan
Prof. Alan McKinnon: External factors to facilitate companies to move to low carbon transports

View from EcoTransIT World Users
Joakim Stoppenbach: Greencarrier (Sweden)
Cecile Bray/ Alexander Höglund: Geodis
Michael Blake: Cloud Global Logistics (Australia)

Workshop Sessions
Ralph Anthes: ETW Business solution options
Erika Sagert: Container shipping methodology (CCWG)


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