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Infras new scientific partner of EcoTransIT World

Logo InfrasAs from November 1st 2012 the Swiss research and consulting group Infras AG will give advice and scientific support to EcoTransIT World. Infras will validate data and methodology of sea, inland water and air transport as used for the calculator and adjust it to the new standard EN 16258. It will share the work with Ifeu (Germany) that has been backing the methodological approach of land and rail transport from the very beginning. IVE (Germany) will continue to provide the routing features and all IT services including the customized EcoTransIT World ‘Business Solutions’.

This step is part of the new internalization strategy of EcoTransIT aimed at involving new countries and all modes in our network and jointly harmonizing carbon accounting and environmental impact assessment methodologies. Before, the German Institute for Applied Sciences (Öko-Institut) advised EcoTransIT in methodological issues of sea, inland water and air transport. But their sea ship expert left the company and EcoTransIT was urged to find a suitable scientific successor.

Infras has a track record of over 35 years providing services in the fields of societal, economic, and environmental issues for business and public sector decision makers. It is an independent, private enterprise.

Main focus of its transport and environment section is the development of concepts and strategies for sustainable mobility at national and international level. INFRAS has been substantially involved in the development of the “Handbook on Emission Factors for Road Transport (HBEFA)” and the European standard EN 16258 “Methodology for calculation and declaration of energy consumption and GHG emissions of transport services”.

EcoTransIT World – Winner of 11th Logistics Innovations Awards


Photo: Stéphane Laure

On 30th March of 2011, the online calculator EcoTransIT World received the 11th Logistics Innovations Awards during the International Trade Show Logistics Solutions in Paris. EcoTransIT has been selected among 12 projects entered for the competition under the category “Most innovative transport and logistics solution supporting sustainability”.

The jury, composed of eight experts from the supply chain management and sustainable development sectors, appreciated the innovative tool as well as its organization:

  • Innovative product: The free online access to the tool and specific features to realize mass calculation services consequently adapted to the needs of shippers and carriers
  • Innovative methodology: An exhaustive methodology considering each modal specificity combined with worldwide coverage of multidmodal networks
  • Innovative structure: A synergetic partnership of various international logistics actors and specialists working all together to develop and disseminate a common eco-calculator

EcoTransIT’s methodology for calculating the environmental impacts has been developed by independent scientific institutions: The Institute for Energy and Environmental Research (IFEU), the Institute for Applied Ecology and the Institute of Transport, Railway Construction and Operation (IVE). In coordination with the International Union of Railways (UIC), the European network of seven railway companies and a logistics company guarantees the periodical updating of data and enriches the partner frame of the project.

This award is recognition for twelve years of continuous work, a tribute to the strong engagement of all partners to create a best practice standard of carbon accounting in the freight and logistics sector. With EcoTransIT World the consortium actually offers version no. 4 of the tool.

Press releases

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