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Launch of EcoTransIT World

Photo: DB AG/Christoph Busse

On 26th of May 2010, Mr Loubinoux and Dr. Volker Kefer, Board Member of Deutsche Bahn’s Technology and Services, successfully launched the innovative web application EcoTransIT World at the 2010 International Transport Forum in Leipzig. “Low transport emissions are an increasingly significant sales argument. EcoTransIT World aims to help customers to choose their means of transport and the most environment-friendly transport chain”, explained Dr. Volker Kefer. The tool offers open access to forwarders, carriers and logistics service providers and gives free and reliable information on their carbon footprint in line with upcoming standards of green accounting.

Jean-Pierre Loubinoux explained that “with EcoTransIT World we can provide reliable carbon footprints of logistics chains with all transport modes on a global level. EcoTransIT World offers an important contribution to the ongoing discussions on how to measure greenhouse gas impacts of the transport sector. It provides a scientifically proved, fair and balanced methodology approved by neutral environmental institutions.”

The next step is to invite interested partners to cooperate and join the “EcoTransIT World” consortium. The idea is to jointly build the sector standard for carbon foot printing and thus support reducing transport emissions and greening logistical chains.