Understand your environmental impacts
to create sustainable logistics
The EcoTransIT-Consortium is financing and controlling the developments of EcoTransIT World. Each partner is a member of the Initiative. This enables them to play a vital part in the development.

Projekt Partners

IVE mbH Hannover (Consulting Company for Traffic and Railway Engineering), Institute for Energy and Environmental Research (ifeu), Heidelberg and INFRAS, Bern (Switzerland) have developed EcoTransIT® World as an objective tool to quantify environmental emissions from freight transport. EcoTransIT project partners are:

EcoTransIT is open to new members from all transport modes. Please contact: info@ecotransit.de

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Scientific software such as EcoTransIT World often raises questions. Whether you have a question about EcoTransIT or like to share suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Reference projects
EcoTransIT has been developed further for over 20 years. The references only depict a small part of the members‘ areas of activity. However they show how versatile and succesful the use of EcoTransIT is so far.