Understand your environmental impacts
to create sustainable logistics
EcoTransIT World is designed for companies of all sizes. It supports them in analyzing comprehensive logistical solutions as well as in studying single transportation routes or shipments. EcoTransIT World helps to identify potential reduction of environmental impacts and options for further improvements of existing transport chains.

Target group

EcoTransIT® World's target audience is company managers, logistics operators, progressive transport planners, political decision makers, customers, NGOs and all stakeholders who are interested in calculating the environmental impact of freight transport on specific routes. EcoTransIT enables anyone to compare the environmental impact of differing transport solutions for specific transport flows.

It supports all those who want to find out the most environmentally friendly way of moving goods from A to B. EcoTransIT helps to calculate how much energy, carbon dioxide and other emission companies can save by shifting from a more polluting to a cleaner transport mode. EcoTransIT can quantify the environmental impact of a company's logistics activities as part of an environmental balance sheet. Thus, EcoTransIT is a decision-making tool that helps to optimise the logistical chains and networks of a company's distribution activity and deliver reliable data for external communication.

Furthermore, companies with an existing environmental management system (EMS) benefit most from EcoTransIT. Not only do they have to show the environmental impact of their whole logistics activities, they also have to show their measures to reduce it. EcoTransIT helps companies to meet the environmental performance standards of the Eco-Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS II or ISO 14000). In the longer term, the structure of the transport chain will be affected, as companies will avoid less efficient solutions, and ask for higher technical standards from their carriers' vehicles .

In addition to companies, Stakeholders are also becoming more and more concerned about the environmental impact of companies and are asking to see evidence of a company's commitment in this area. The ability to use EcoTransIT for themselves and verify statements made by a company, is a great contribution to transparency.

The aim of an EMS is to improve environmental protection in business and industry. Life cycle assessments are records of the environmental impacts of a product, a process or a location based on its entire lifetime through to consumption or final result. This also includes the transport route of raw materials and finished products.

The aim of an environmental balance sheet is to provide all quantitative information on the greenhouse gas and exhaust emissions related to the company's operations (impact study). This balance sheet identifies the areas of emissions in the company, determines the requirements for controlling pollution, and ultimately gives rise to new technologies within the company itself.

Freight and Environment
Freight & Environment
The increasing volumes in freight transport impact the greenhouse gas and other environmental effects significantly. EcoTransIT World enables companies to calculate transport chains, to optimize them and to contribute to the environment protection.
About EcoTransit
About EcoTransit
EcoTransIT World calculates environmental impacts of different transport modes the world. This is possible due to an intelligent input methodology, large amounts of GIS-data and an elaborate basis of computation...