Business Solutions

The EcoTransIT World API is the flexible solution for automatic calculation of customer-specific transport services.

The ETW Business Solutions contain standardised interfaces (API) for automatic emission calculation of huge amounts of transport chains. Already today, over a billion transports have been calculated via the API. The use ranges from semi-automatic transport list calculations in CSV format to fully automatic solutions based on a Soap XML Web Service (WSDL).

The ready-to-use standard solutions are extremely flexible and allow calculation of complex intermodal transport chains with little or much customer-specific transport information. If necessary, user-defined adaptations or extensions to the software are made available.

The interfaces are offered as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). The associated servers are provided by IVE mbH and are continuously monitored by specific monitoring software. Server costs are included in the license fees. In addition to the API, the IVE mbH team offers to calculate, analyse and present customer-specific transports as consultation projects.