Business Solutions

EcoTransIT World – The professional solution for professional users

Are you looking for a tool to calculate emissions from transports carried out by you or on your behalf? We have the solution for every user/user group:

  • Logistics service provider
  • Transport companies
  • Shipper
  • Software and Consulting companies

The EcoTransIT World Business Solutions contain standardised interfaces (API) for automatic emission calculation of huge amounts of transport chains. The use ranges from semi-automatic transport list calculations in CSV format to fully automatic solutions based on a Soap XML Web Service (WSDL).

The ready-to-use standard solutions are extremely flexible and allow the calculation of complex intermodal transport chains with little or a lot of customer-specific transport information. If necessary, user-defined adaptations or extensions to the software are made available.

The interfaces are offered as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS).

In addition to the API, the IVE mbH team also offers the calculation, analysis and presentation of customer-specific transports as consulting projects.