A methodology with a solid base creates confidence and provides certainty for the right decisions.
  • Based on Current Science
    The methodology is provided by independent scientific institutes (Ifeu, Infras and Fraunhofer IML), continuously updated and validated with every leap in innovation. All assumptions are freely accessible and published in a methodology report.
  • Unique Result
    The result is unique worldwide, because EcoTransIT World calculates the transport distances, energy consumption, greenhouse gases CO2 and CO2 equivalents, air pollutants SOx, NOx, NMHC and PM10 as well as external costs for every global transport chain.
  • Energy-based Bottom-Up-Approach
    The emissions are determined on the basis of the energy requirement, the associated fuel and other parameters, such as the load factor or emission class. A carrier-specific internal routing is the basis for the identification of the route characteristics.
  • Compliant and always up-to-date
    Of course, the methodology includes the EN 16258 and GLEC-compliant calculation and will also meet the requirements of ISO14083. To ensure that it stays that way, the calculation sources used are continuously updated by our methodology partners and brought up to date.