Platforms using EcoTransIT World

Here are our partners, who integrated EcoTransIT World into their own systems in order to provide more solutions regarding CO2e for their customers

The Climate Action Platform by Cozero

The Climate Action Platform (CAP) integrates with EcoTransIT’s methodology to calculate emissions associated with logistics activities.
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DDS’s role is to help companies of all sizes in all sectors to accelerate and facilitate the digitalisation of their supply chain in a cost-effective and responsible way.
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The gryn Platform

gryn uses EcoTransIT World to calculate the emissions of the shipments they have on their platform. Therefore, they can assure a high-quality CO2 calculation based on the up-to-date methodology.
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MyTower TMS

They are experts in the digitalization of Transport, Customs and Foreign Trade, they simplify and optimize their clients’ Supply Chains to make them more efficient and more sustainable.
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Neurored TSM & SCM

Neurored TSM & SCM uses the EcoTransIT World data to offer accurate sustainability accounting metrics to enterprises on the Salesforce Business Platform. 
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