MyTower TMS

They are experts in the digitalization of Transport, Customs and Foreign Trade, they simplify and optimize their clients’ Supply Chains to make them more efficient and more sustainable.

Their latest generation solutions integrate advanced technologies and are designed modularly to meet their customers’ challenges: end-to-end flow visibility, cost control, productivity improvement, management and measurement of customer commitments, optimization and compliance of international supply chains, and centralization and contextualization of all data.

What makes them special? Their team of consultants and experts in transport, customs and trade compliance can provide a high value-added data-oriented service and support you in your diagnostic, study and tender phases.

Thanks to their modular approach, they can offer you configurable and scalable solutions that adapt to your organization today and tomorrow.

The integration of EcoTransIT World

It was natural for MyTower to develop ‘Carbon Tower’ as part of their ongoing commitment to sustainability and reducing environmental impact. Integrated with EcoTransIT World, this tool enhances their offerings by providing precise calculations of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions across different transport modes. ‘Carbon Tower’ helps customers set and achieve their reduction targets effectively, promoting a sustainable future and ensuring compliance with environmental regulations:

  • Track your CO2 emissions – Monitor carbon emissions data across your transportation network.
  • Analyze your performance – Evaluate environmental efficiency by qualifying CO2 emissions across providers, routes, vehicles, or goods types.
  • Make informed decisions – Utilize detailed emissions insights to favor the most sustainable route, mode and supplier.
  • Ensure your regulatory compliance – Stay ahead of environmental regulations with accurate emissions reporting.