DDS’s role is to help companies of all sizes in all sectors to accelerate and facilitate the digitalisation of their supply chain in a cost-effective and responsible way.

Emissions Tracking on TMS (by DDS)

As a SaaS provider, they offer digital solutions to accelerate the digitisation of the supply chain and transport, with offerings tailored to all sizes of company (SME / ETI / GE) and all sectors of activity.

Their TMS increases productivity and visibility of orders and shipments, and reduces costs and CO2 emissions in the supply chain and transport.

The integration of EcoTransIT World

To significantly reduce CO2 emissions, DDS has launched its Green Move offer in partnership with EcoTransIT World.

Green Move enables you to:

  • Measure emissions by mode and flow
  • Set reduction targets: where to act
  • Decide on reduction levers
  • Execute and monitor actions.

The EcoTransit interface can be used to calculate GHG (greenhouse gas) emissions caused by transport.

This calculation gives the number of tonnes of CO2 equivalent emited. The term “equivalent” is used because gases other than CO2 cause greenhouse effects.

To be able to calculate GHG emissions, they transmit key information to EcoTransIT World, namely: the sender’s address, the recipient of the stages, the mode of transport, the weight, the type of vehicle, and so on.

They have several ways of reducing them:

  • Pooling flows: optimising loads by grouping them together.
  • Modal shift, i.e. changing transport mode, such as from air to sea.
  • Choosing the most virtuous carrier

As well as implementing its software, DDS provides long-term support to its customers, helping them to maintain and maximise the use of their investment in our digital solutions.